Why You Should Organize Your Warehouse Around Your Most Popular Items

Determining the best place to store items in your commercial warehouse can sometimes require a bit of trial and error, but there are factors you can consider to help make the process run more smoothly. After all, an efficient warehouse makes better financial sense for the business.

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Configuring a warehouse is more complicated than simply installing racking. The space you allocate to racking is important, but the space left between racks and that given over to access and egress where nothing must be stored is arguably even more important. Where pallets are stored, ensure there is enough space to manoeuvre them and that the pallet truck has space to turn. How will products come into the warehouse? Do they enter through the same doorway?

Movement in a warehouse is good, but only if it’s efficient. You don’t want staff spending a significant amount of time walking to a bay at the back of the warehouse when the stock could be stored closer to the control centre.

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Do some research. Do some lines sell better than others? If some seem to have an obvious demand, allocate more space to them. If there is a high turnover of some products, make sure their space is close enough to the entrance so staff does not waste time transporting pallets across the space unnecessarily far. Does the space need rearranging at different times of year to accommodate peak trading times?

Keeping the most popular products close together will mean that staff spend less time walking to and fro if there are lines that are often packed together in the same order. Unnecessary travel takes time, whether you’re packing or replenishing orders.


Aside from seasonal variations, there might also be stock in the warehouse that has expired or isn’t selling for another reason. Your systems and processes should alert you to both, and you might want to consider moving the stock if it’s taking up prime space.

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For more tips on setting up your warehouse for maximum efficiency, see the suggestions from Fit Small Business.

Once it’s set up, be sure to review the warehouse operations to ensure efficiency is maintained.