What Is The Importance Of A Breaker

A circuit breaker is much needed for any facility that utilizes electricity. There are different types of circuit breakers. The stores who have circuit breakers in their inventory will have personnel available to help a person to make the correct purchase. A person who plans to work with any project involving electricity should have expertise. There are some projects should be left to trained electricians who understands the procedures and knows how to work safely. A person must be aware of the amperage prior to beginning any project. A person should understand local codes that would affect any electrical project a person plans to complete. People should understand the type of circuit breakers that will fulfill the requirements of the project.

Types Of Breakers Used To Complete Projects

It is important for a business to sell circuit breaker parts to anyone who understands the use of it. Standard circuit breakers are quite common. It acts as a safety mechanism when a circuit is overloaded. The overloaded circuit is caused by too many devices on one circuit and it would cause a short circuit. The breaker would break the current that could lead to overheating and fires. The three variations of a standard circuit breaker are one-pole, two-pole, and three-pole. A standard circuit breaker allows the appliance to function. The other type of circuit breakers are:

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupting (GFCI) circuit breaker
  • Arc Fault Circuit Interrupting (AFCI) circuit breaker
  • Dual function circuit breaker

The GFCI breaker like the standard circuit breaker will trip or stop power when a short circuit or overload occurs. GFCI breaker differs from the standard breaker because it will stop power when a ground fault happens. A ground fault is an unintended path for electricity from a power source and a grounded item. GFCI breaker will reduce the chances of a person being electrocuted. It provides protection against accidental electrical shock. The GFCI circuit breaker is found in bathrooms, outdoors, and anywhere there is a possibility of being wet. A GFCI circuit breaker should not be used on appliances because the circuit would cut the power too often. AFCI circuit breakers protect against hazardous and unsafe arcs. The arc that occurs when lights are turned on and off is not considered dangerous. The more dangerous type of arc happens when wiring is damaged. Dangerous arcs can easily cause a fire. AFCI circuit breakers will determine if an arc is good or dangerous. The circuit will shut off power if the arc is dangerous. The dual function circuit breakers will have similar qualities as AFCI and GFCI circuits. It also will provide protection against short circuits and overloading of circuits.

Understand The Companies Who Has Breakers

There will be companies who will keep all types of circuit breakers in their inventory. There will be a few companies who will have personnel who understands how to change a circuit breaker. A professional electrician may be a great option for changing circuit breakers. A company should be able to provide information about the type of breaker to utilize.