Understanding Wear Gear Terminology in Bellevue, Washington 

Whether a person works outside or traveling to work in Bellevue, it’s important to avoid getting wet when it’s raining. All rain gear for work Bellevue WA offers some level of protection from the rain. However, it’s important to understand the terminology involved in picking the right rain gear.

Water-resistant and Waterproof Don’t have the Same Meaning

Water-resistant is breathable. Clothes considered weather-resistant are constructed to wear on light rainy days. Examples of water-resistant rain gear are featherweight jackets and windbreakers. They won’t keep a worker dry during heavy weather downpours.
Waterproof refers to rain clothing that is water resistance because it keeps the rain from soaking into clothing. Waterproof rain gear can be breathable. This means that rain won’t soak through clothing and it moves sweat outside the clothing.

Waterproof rain gear may not be breathable. The terminology for this type of work rain gear is non-breathable waterproof. It won’t pull the sweat from a person’s body and transfer it outside of the clothing. This means the worker will feel soaked if they sweat a lot. An example of non-breathable work rain gear would be an emergency poncho.

Windproof Doesn’t Protect Against Rain

Terms such as “Waterproof” and “water-resistant” describe how much the clothing will prevent the rain from soaking through clothing. If the term “windproof” is included in with these terms, it means the rain gear will shield from weather.

Windproof rain gear typically has a barrier designed in the clothing to block wind that would push rain deeper into the clothing. This barrier is a laminate. Most windproof rain gear is considered water-resistant too.

Wind-resistant is another term to describe the type of rain gear a work may need. Wind-resistant is similar to a water-resistant jacket. However, it is generally ultralight. Workers can usually stuff the wind-resistant jacket into their pockets. Water-resistant rain gear is ideal for days when light rain may occur. It won’t help during windy, rainy downpours.

Rain Gear Terms “Weather Shells” can Mean Different Things

The work “jacket” is often used to describe a weather shell. The term “weather shell” can mean parkas, ponchos and pants too. The term focuses on the fabric of clothing than style of the garment. “Hard shell” is a term to describe breathable waterproof rain gear. The outside of the garment is stiffer than other garments. This doesn’t mean it’s insulated. The warmth the rain gear provides is from the inner layers. An insulated shell has a synthetic fill or down to for warmth.

Soft shell is the “old school” rain gear because it has one insulated layer with a water-resistant soft shell. The softer rain gear gives a worker greater breathability. The tradeoff is less protection from cold, wind and rain. For workers more concerned about perspiration than getting soaked from the rain.

A hybrid rain gear shell is combination for hard/soft shell combo garments. They are made with windproof and waterproof materials. Also, they are flexible and breathable sections of the garment such as underneath sleeves, sides and back.