Types of Equipment Used At Build Sites

Getting a job done right can often involve the use of many types of professionals and the equipment they utilize. When you visit a new construction home that is in a new construction sub-division you most likely tour what is called a model home. A model home is the first home that is built in the subdivision. This home is completely furnished and is staged to look as though people are currently living there. Many HOA subdivisions will have multiple model homes to tour. Each home looks differently. HOA’s (home owners associations) typically will have four or five different types of houses for home buyers to consider buying. Each home has a slightly different floor plan. All homes are “mid-level”. This means that they are not fully finished but can be at an additional cost. Upgrades are features that home buyers can add that will customize a home more to their liking.

A home can consist of three bedrooms upstairs, a master bathroom, a guest bathroom and a half bathroom on a main level. This home may not include vaulted ceilings, sky lights or ceiling fans. Those features are considered upgrades and can be added to the home at an additional cost. Another popular upgrade is a three car garage. Many model homes feature a two car garage and the floor plans are laid out to show what it would look like with a three car garage option. Finished basements are considered up-grades. Many homes are designed to sell with an unfinished basement.

When you are touring the variations of the model homes that a specific builder features you probably do not consider everything that goes into having that subdivision built. You are only seeing three or four of the floor plans that this particular builder is building. Streets need to be created, electrical needs to be run, sewer options need to be placed under-ground and many different businesses come together to create a subdivision.

A builder will have construction material delivery Hartford County CT or any region they may be building in delivered. Heavy duty construction material can often include cranes, excavators and drills. Cranes may need to lift heavy equipment up to the tops of houses. The excavators will dig the holes for the basements of the houses. Large drilling equipment may be used to run underground wires and plumbing. In addition to the heavy duty equipment; builders also often use dumpster rental services to properly contain and dispose of their construction material waste. Leaving cut up metal, brick, glass or other items lying around is dangerous for the construction crew. Everything in a construction site needs to be properly taken care in order to pass safety inspections and codes.

It is also very common to find a rented work trailer on site at construction yards. This work trailer will house a staff of sales people and is a place for workers to meet about the job at hand. Once model homes are built the sales staff typically moves into an office at the house. Construction crews do not walk through built homes once they are erected.