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Tips for Buying a Stand Up Paddle Board One of the fastest growing sports in the world is stand up paddle boarding (SUP). Engaging in the sport is fun and a great form of exercise. Moreover, it is easy to learn and hence anyone can do it. You will need a good paddle board to participate in SUP. If you are purchasing your first paddle board, you may find the task quite a challenge. Consider your lifestyle when looking for a SUP board. Apart from this, the fit and budget should be considered. You can have fun shopping for a SUP board if you know what you will be using it for. Here are some considerations to make when searching for a SUP board. Learn About the Type of Boards There are different types of paddle boards in the market. You should know the differences between the boards to determine the right one to buy. Keep in mind that the right SUP can be a crossover. You are likely to use your paddle for multiple activities. For instance, you may want a board that can be used both for touring and racing. Consider the activities you will be partaking in to know the ideal SUP board to choose.
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Choose the Right Size Paddle Board The size of the SUP board you would like to purchase is also important. Your weight as well as paddling experience should help you determine the right SUP board size to choose. Think of the board in terms of volume when deciding on the size. A board that is wider, longer and thicker will have more volume. The more volume a SUP board has, the more stable it will be when on the water.
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If you do not have experience or are just starting up with paddle up boarding, it is advisable to choose a SUP board with more volume. You want a board that is stable and can support your weight. As you improve your strength, balance and skills, you can downsize the board with less volume. You can hand over the older SUP board to your family members or friends when you upgrade to a new one. How to Store the SUP Board When choosing a SUP board, one of the concerns you may have is where you will be storing it. To increase the lifespan of the board, you should store it properly. When storing the SUP board, ensure it is not exposed to weather elements when you are not using it. The SUP board should ideally be kept indoors when not in use. You should get a board bag to store an epoxy SUP board. The board will be protected from dings and scratches when it’s stored in the board bag. The above are some tips to consider when looking for a SUP board to buy.

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