Storage Unit Tips and Tricks

Storing household and other items is an issue that happens from time to time, whether moving or the house just gets too small for the possessions that need to be stored. These are items that may not be used often or that are only used seasonally. The easy answer is to have a storage unit for a safe place to put items.

Reasons for Storage

There are many reasons to have a storage unit at the storage facilities everett wa and some include:

• Moving whether it is across the country or locally. Storing items that will be ready to move allows the home, apartment or condo to be free of boxes and extra furniture while being able to clean it and get ready to move. Especially if there will be visits by new potential buyers or renters will be looking at the property.
• It could be a good deal on furnishings that will be necessary later when it is possible to move to a larger home, apartment or condo that just cannot be passed up.
• Military families move often to overseas bases where it is not logical to ship a full household of goods. Especially electronics that often will not work at the new location without transformers. This is a long-term storage until they return from overseas.
• A person who has decided to go away to college or take a job that will move them out of town for an extended amount of time, but they will return to live. In these cases, moving a household worth of belongings can be impractical since it would all be moved back later.
• When an inheritance is household goods it may not be possible to merge everything into one house and a storage unit can provide the answer.

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The Tips and Tricks

Deciding on storage when it is household goods then the unit will be climate controlled to preserve the items in the condition they were stored. The important thing for the person planning on storing items is to prepare them for storage whether it is short term or long term. The first thing to do is to ensure the items to be stored are clean and completely dry whether clothing or an appliance. Items like refrigerators, washers, dryers, freezers, and dishwashers when stored should have the doors opened enough to let fresh air in.

This will keep them from becoming stale smelling when put into use again. Clothing should be boxed and securely taped just like other smaller items and the boxes marked with the contents and room the box should go in when taken out of storage. This can save a lot of time if boxes are marked kitchen, bedroom, or living room rather than guessing where the box will go. Unmarked boxes can quickly turn into disaster since they will all need to go in a room to be opened and then moved to the correct room. That will extend unpacking time when it could be simple to mark the boxes as they are packed.