Smart Tips For Uncovering Socks

Choosing Men’s Socks – Where to Start?

Years ago, you weren’t the one who decided what socks to wear, instead it was the school board or your parents but it’s a different story now; you’re now responsible for your entire get up. When you don’t really give a lot of thought to what you put on your feet, it’s about time to step up your sock game. Aside from personal hygiene, socks can also be stylish; this is especially true for the ones with funky designs that you can wear no matter what the occasion may be. Being able to protect your feet from perspiration is undeniably the most critical benefit that socks offer; without them, you wouldn’t be comfortable with any footwear.

Socks for Men

The rules that apply to wearing socks are not all that shocking and they won’t really make up a long list. First things first, always pull the socks all the way up whenever you wear them; avoid folding or rolling your socks. Sock manufacturers design the socks following specific lengths, so better pull them up to their assigned length.

Socks displayed at departments stores are not limited to a single aisle and they are as numerous as can be, from sports socks to dress socks; there will also be variations in size, length, design, colour and material so better be more specific about the kind of sock you have to purchase.

Sports Socks

As the name already states, there are proper socks for sports and they’re specifically designed to be shorter and offer a tighter fit. Sports socks are typically cut right below the ankle area and is often made up of wool and nylon; all the material and the length of the socks give better support to the bridge and can absorb more perspiration which are crucial during athletics.

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Mid-calf Socks

Ankle-dress socks are a must in the collection of a lot of men. In terms of length, ankle-dress socks stop below the knee but are always higher than the ankle. The price point is one of the major basis of the materials of which the ankle-dress socks are made of; the styles are never boring, they have the most fun and funky colours and patterns.

Knee-length Socks

Obviously, these are quite the lengthy pair of socks but they have slowly made it back their popularity; especially with men who often wear suits and opt for all the comfort and convenience that come with wearing longer socks. Compared to the classic ankle-length dress sock that can be too short in case the wearer accidentally shows a bit of calf during the day, knee-length socks make sure that everything is covered whatever movement is done; this adds to the confidence of the person wearing them.

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