Reviewing The Effects Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Motorcycle accidents in the United States have increased by eight percent in the last year. Among the accidents in which motorcycle riders weren’t wearing a helmet at least forty percent died. In some states, helmet laws are in place to lower the chances of a fatality as well as traumatic brain injuries. The following is a review of the effects of traumatic brain injuries that were caused by a head injury during motorcycle accidents.

Sudden Change in Behavior

A traumatic brain injury leads to sudden changes in behavior. Individuals with calm demeanors can become irrational after a traumatic brain injury. In some cases, the families have reported that their loved one was completely transformed into a different person entirely.

Irritability and Violent Outbursts

The condition can also lead to sudden and unexplained irritability. For some patients, the sudden change in mood can lead to violent outbursts and even assault. The brain injuries prevent the patients from controlling their impulses when they become overwhelmed. This can prevent families from managing the patient’s care properly from home. It could also make it difficult for the family, especially children to be around the patient due to the risks.

Complete Mental Incapacity

For some patients, the traumatic brain injury diminishes their mental capacity entirely. They are rendered into a vegetated state and are unable to care for themselves at all. This requires around the clock care from an in-home nurse if possible. This can place a serious strain on families emotionally and financially.

The Financial Impact of Long-Term Care

Unfortunately, most long-term care coverage won’t last throughout the victim’s lifetime. The policies will provide up to one year’s care in most cases. This could include in-home nursing or admission into a long-term care facility. For this reason, the family of the victim must seek damages through legal avenues.

Motorcycle accidents present dire circumstances for some riders. If the riders fail to comply with helmet laws, they could die or suffer a serious brain injury that alters their life completely. A traumatic brain injury could produce a variety of dire circumstances. Families of motorcycle riders who have sustained traumatic brain injuries contact an attorney right now.