Projector Functions

The function of the projector is to display videos, pictures, or data from a computer on a screen or something with a flat surface like in focus or a wall. Compared to other media such as Plasma or LCD Display, projector has several advantages such as, can make a very large display, can be brought with ease and high flexibility.

If you plan to buy an LCD projector and will often carry it everywhere, choose a projector that is lightweight so that it is practical and does not burden you. [1]

Other Functions:

  • Presentation Tool – The projector can make a presentation more lively, because with the image or writing we can give a more dynamic and attractive presentation.
  • Video Player – Can enjoy the cinema in the house. This is because the process of display that occurs in the cinema can we show at home, i.e. with projection.
  • Media Information – Can display with a large screen, the projector is very effective to serve as a medium of information. [2]

How Projector Works

How it works based on the principle of light refraction. The light is generated by panels of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or Liquid Crystal Screen. The panel consists of 3 panels separated based on 3 basic colors commonly called RGB (Red, Green and Blue) Red, Green and Blue. The light emitted from the projector is the result of the refraction of the three panels. For more info you can visit adjustable projector ceiling mount

Collection of light through the panel and combined through the prism then through the lens emitted on the screen or other reflective media so that it can be seen by our eyes as the same image as it is on a computer screen or other device.

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Types of Projectors

  1. Digital projector

Used to convert image data directly from computer to a screen via lens system. Digital projectors play an important role in the formation of home theater systems. Four technologies used in digital projectors, High intensity CRT, LCD Projectors use light gates. Texas Instruments’ DLP technology.

  1. LCD Projector

Is a more modern type and is a technology developed from the previous type with the same function of the Overhead Projector (OHP) because the OHP data is still in the form of paper on clear paper.