Knowing the Usability of Geotextile

Geotextile non woven is one of the benefits industrial world. But many people do not know what this is geotextile non woven. Though this seed is very useful for the industrial world.


Non-Woven Geotextile, otherwise known as Fabric Filter (Factory) is an unadorned form of Geotextile, shaped like a cloth carpet. And in general the base material is made from Polyesther (PET) or Polypropylene (PP) polymer material. The work of Geo textile Woven only relies on tensil strength, so it does not reduce the occurrence of local decrease (differential settlement) due to soft ground base.


For Separator / Partition

One function of geotextile non woven is as separator or separator. Geotextile Non Woven serves to suppress the mixing of material layers that one material in another. For example, on a sequential development project carried out over the basic zone of patience (soft). Here geotextile non woven serves to prevent the rising of sludge into the pavement system, so that no pumping effect that will lightly damage the pavement. Geotextile non woven also serves to facilitate the method of ordering pavement order.

For Filters or Filters

The subsequent function of geotextile non woven serves to prevent the carrying of zone particles present in the water circulation. One of the advantages of geotextile non woven is that it can create water through the gotextile but the ground particles are retained, this is because the geotextile non woven has a permeable (water-immersed) property. Application as a filter is usually used in subdrain projects (drainage of ground mountain foot).

For Stabilization aka Stabilizer

One of the following non-woven geotextile functions is often known as the equivalent of reinforcement. For example, to be used on landfill projects, strengthen slopes, etc. Although, in fact it is still a debate among geotechnical experts, because geotextile works using the membrane effect method that only entrusted tensile strength or tensile strength. For lack of material that can cause local decline in the giant pile. selling geotextile woven Moreover, the spirit of Geotextile which is easy to run especially if exposed to the solution (the result of hydrolysis) makes it vulnerable as a reinforcement material of the slope.