Item of Transcription Headsets

Qualities Of Good Transcription Headsets

Good transcription skills are a combination of a sharp ear, the right equipment, and the coordination to listen, think, and type at the same time. It can be especially challenging and nearly impossible if you don’t have the right transcription headset. Some headsets will set themselves apart from the very beginning by having all those qualities that transcriptionists need and love.

Noise cancelling

First things first. Being a good transcriber depends on being able to filter out the noise you DON’T need to hear just as much as it is hearing the words you do need to hear. When noise and other extraneous conversations get in the way of the task at hand, noise cancelling headphones can come to the rescue. This type of quality built into a headset gives you the power to block out the rest of the world and focus solely on your transcriptions.


Amplifying the voices on a recording can help with transcription tremendously. Certain headsets will be geared solely toward transcription recordings which need to have the words amplified, not the noise or any music that may be present in some transcriptions. This specially built in feature will help transcriptionists as they do their job.

Voice quality

There are certain characteristics of transcription sets that will hone in on the voice that’s important and not just amplify it but increase the quality of the pronunciations and words. While this is definitely a specialty feature of sets geared solely toward transcription, it’s an invaluable tool to have when you’re trying to make out words in a recording.

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These three things are major components of what makes for a good set of transcription headphones. Many recordings have such poor voice quality and sound quality that they would be impossible to transcribe if it weren’t for these remarkable headsets. Thankfully they are available in abundance and they help to make life a lot easier when you’re trying to make out every single word of a two hour long recording. This can be difficult and tedious enough as it is without a set of good headsets to help make life bearable during a particularly hard transcription.

Learning how to pick out the right equipment is on eof the most important parts of becoming a transcriptionist. Start with the headset and everything else will fall into place.