How to Replace Old and Worn Commercial Laundry Equipment On a Budget

Depending on the size of your commercial laundry business, the cost of replacing everything can add up the many thousands of dollars. You can lease quality laundry equipment for a fraction of the price.

Lease the Equipment You Need

If you are sitting on top of broken washers or dryers, you are losing money every day. At some point, the equipment gets beyond the ability to repair. Leasing the equipment is one way to get all of the machines you need without the outlying of large amounts of cash or credit.

Never Pay for Repairs Again

Leasing commercial laundry equipment offers a nice benefit that will continually save you money. You never have to pay for repairs of the equipment if it breaks down. Compare this with your current repair expenses.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Being able to replace your worn equipment with brand new, quality machines, it adds value to your establishment for the consumer. It beats having to buy refurbished equipment that could fail at any moment. All leased equipment is top quality and name brands you know and trust.

Double the Size of Your Business Capacity

If you have spent a good amount of money setting up your current building or adding space to expand, you can lease the equipment to help defray the overall costs. You can double, or even triple your operations quickly at an affordable price. It makes it easier to plan for purposeful growth and expansion.

Utilize the Included Coin Collection Service

You can make the entire process streamlined and simple by utilizing the coin collection service provided. With the high demands placed on coin-op laundry equipment Florida is notorious for, you can spend more time concentrating on other aspects of vending equipment, dry cleaning, facility cleaning, and more.

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Take control of the strength and growth of your coin-op laundry business by finding out more about leasing your equipment. It could be the solution to your commercial laundry equipment needs.