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Know the Very Purpose and Use of AA Tokens and Rings

There really are a number of possible techniques and tips that one could actually choose to incorporate and use when it comes to keeping away from alcohol addiction and other addictions and to consider incorporating AA tokens and rings is an effective way to actually achieve such goals to sobriety. The very purpose and essence of having such token is to ensure that you will be provided with a very means to keep up in being sober.

As history actually defines its origins, this actually started when the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, residing in Cleveland, started his goal to being sober in the year 1938, where he carried his silver dollar medallion as a means for him to be reminded of being sober until he died in the year 1984. For 46 years of being sober, this has then led to practice giving sobriety or AA tokens to those who has been practicing being sober on a yearly basis.

As the year progressed, you could see that there have been quite a number of types and variations of the coins, which, should differ from group to group but still, there are specific purposes and representations of such coins, which, is to represent the number of days or years one is sober. You can now find a ton of these things today and one example of the Anonymous Alcoholics token is the silver color, which, is given to someone who has been sober for 30 days and by the time they stayed sober for 2 months, a dark gold AA token will be rewarded.
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If the individual will be able to stay sober for 6 months straight, then they will be able to receive a yellow Anonymous Alcoholics token, and a solid blue color token if they ever get to reach their 1 year of being sober. Although this type of reward system has been found to be effective, there still are other groups that see such type of system to be optional, so to speak. In a sense, there will be no standard design or material used but as long as it has been tailored to represent a reward, then there should be no problem whatsoever about such declaration.
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Over the years, the demand of which has skyrocketed, and it really is quite possible for you to see that they are being manufactured and produced online now, reason why you could easily see websites selling AA tokens and rings, respectively. Not only that these are being made available to be sober but the demand of which has also led to narcotics anonymous medallions.

The general purpose and use of these things is to make sure that you will be focused to wanting to achieve your goals on staying sober for as long as you could until you can completely control the urge.