How to Make Your Employees More Productive By Hosting a Retreat

One of the most important things that an employer can do is to make sure that they are getting the most out of their employees by increasing their productivity and satisfaction. After all, it doesn’t matter how many people you have working for you or how smart or talented they are if they don’t make a great effort to work as hard as they can. Instead of worrying about hiring the right people next time, take the time to increase the productivity of your staff.

One of the best ways to do this is to host a retreat for your employees. The company should pay for this retreat and it should be on company time. Otherwise, your employees will just resent you for it. If done right, a retreat can bring your employees together and help them work better with each other every day.

You don’t need to go to an exotic location to have a great retreat that brings your staff closer together and helps them to work better with each other. Instead, plan games that will make them work together and host a retreat that doesn’t break the budget. For example, you can have a fun round of cornhole with your staff and use cornhole lights from a reputable supplier like Custom Corntoss to make it a nighttime activity. This will give your staff a competitive edge and inspire them to work harder to make your company succeed.

If your staff is dealing with a challenging project or issue, a retreat can help you shake off the daily stress of office life and give you new ideas. You can often brainstorm ideas during a company retreat that you can then bring back to the office and use to make your daily job less difficult and more productive. A company retreat is a good chance to get feedback from your staff and suggestions on how you can improve the job.

Finally, you may be putting off planning a retreat because you don’t know what your staff would like to do and don’t want to add more work for them. The truth is, you should ask your staff what they would like to do before you plan the trip. This way, they will see that you care about their opinions and they will be more likely to work hard.…

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Professional Temp Agencies

Every business owner knows that finding the right staff is crucial to keeping an office running smoothly and projects completed successfully. Keeping an office efficiently staffed can be a tough balancing act, however, especially when a business keeps very busy and the workflow becomes hard to keep up with. These are the times when a company needs reliable professionals who can be relied on to keep the work quality up, and the project on budget and on schedule. Yet when an office is busy, everyone gets pressed for time, especially, ironically, those who have the most say in who gets hired.

Temp Agencies in Boston

In the Boston area, (and all over the US) many companies are now turning to high quality professional staffing companies to find the best candidates to fill positions. From creative professionals to tech workers, these recruiting agencies can find and screen top level workers before they are sent out on interviews, so the process is streamlined and much more effective. All of this can save time and money for those who are making those tough hiring decisions, and save a lot of headaches from happening, too.

Another aspect of using a professional recruiting agency to bring in workers is their ability to bring in workers on a temporary business. Some offices quite honestly only need workers for temporary positions, as projects may only last for the short term. The other positive aspect of bringing in workers on a temp basis, however, is that having a worker come in and work with the permanent staff is a great way to see how well that person fits into a company and its work flow. If the candidate is a great fit, they can be hired for a staff position without taking the risk that they may ultimately not fit in.

Using a quality staffing agency in the Boston area can be a win-win process for all concerned, so if your company is in real need of great employees, consider using an outside agency that can bring in temporary workers who will come through for the long term.…

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How do Utilities Perform Fire Hydrant Testing?

If a ‘tsk’ involuntarily comes out of your mouth when you see gallons of water pouring from a fire hydrant, you aren’t alone. Many people feel the same way. The thing is, fire departments and utility companies aren’t wasting the water in spite. Rather, they’re doing so to make sure your home and yourself are protected. Running all of this water from a hydrant flushes the system out so potential build-up in the pines doesn’t back into the public water system. It also allows for the testing of water flow when it comes to firefighting.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the rate of flow from a fire hydrant should be equal to 20 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure for adequate firefighting. Anything lower can cause pressure in the fire hose to be lower and, thusly, result in a reduced amount of water fed into the flames. The lower flow of water from a hydrant can also mean the build-up of rust and other minerals has gotten so bad that there may be a problem further down the line.

How do utilities perform fire hydrant testing? First, they use products from fire testing companies like Hurco Technologies to prepare for the test. They connect a hose attachment used for diagnostics to an area of water flow. This is connected to an assembly that is attached to a remote reader. As the hydrant’s gauge cap is opened and water begins to flow, static pressure and nozzle pressure are recorded on the reader. The residual pressure is also recorded from the gauge cap. When the test is done, the amount of time the hydrant ran is recorded.

This information is then turned into technicians at both the fire department and utility ends to examine the results. If it’s discovered that pressure is at least 25% lower than NFPA standards, further investigation is required. This may mean an examination of the pipes or the hydrant itself. At the point, the problem is discovered and repairs are made the hydrant is tested again.

So, the next time you see an excess of water flowing from a hydrant, hold your tsk. Instead, thank the fire department and the utility for making it one more safe water dispersement system.…

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What Was Felix Sater and Donald Trump’s Relationship?

A New York City court has rejected a two-hundred and fifty million dollar tax fraud case against Felix Sater, an American real estate investor and the former managing director of Bayrock Group, LLC.

Felix Sater

The case has gained notoriety as Sater is a former confidant of Donald Trump. The case is against both Sater, and the company he co-created – Bayrock Group, LLC. The case was initiated by a whistleblower, who began the legal offense on the state’s behalf. In this scenario, the attorney general sees what the whistleblower creates and then decides if they should get involved or not.

In this example, the whistleblower is Fred Oberlander, an attorney who gained knowledge of the situation by taking on Jody Kriss as a client. Kriss was a former business partner of Sater.

Oberlander states that he filed his claim due to knowledge that was removed by judges in the initial case.

One attorney believes that Oberlander’s case did not seem promising, and would probably be dismissed since Oberlander utilized information the judges originally deleted from the first complaint as private.

Afterwards, Sater and his representative, Robert Wolf, upheld that the case was indeed dismissed.

Eric Schneiderman, the Attorney General, did not get involved last year either. In fact, Oberlander falsely claimed Schneiderman would be supporting him in a press release. Schneiderman quickly communicated that this was completely untrue, and that he had no intentions to get involved. Schneiderman and his office did acknowledge, though, that they would keep an eye on the case in the future to care for the state’s rights and interests.

The first lawsuit brought against Sater and Bayrock, where Oberlander got his information from, was brought forward by Jody Kriss, then finance director of Sater’s company. Kriss claims that the organization was mob-run for most of it’s being. Kriss claims they participated in a number of related crimes like wire fraud and money laundering.

Kriss brought accusations against Sater and his co-creator, Tevfik Arif. He alleges that the two of them conspired against Kriss and stole millions of dollars that should have been his. A Judge in Manhattan did agree to move this case forward as a racketeering case.

Based on Kriss’ complaint, Sater and Tevfik Arif began talks with Donald Trump’s company in 2003 to launch specific projects using Trump’s name. However, they kept Sater’s criminal history a secret.

In 2007, Trump stated that he would never have partnered with the two if he knew about this criminal history. He further claimed that he would not be able to recognize Sater.

On the other hand, an anonymous witness claims Bayrock’s office was just two floors below Trump’s in the Trump Towers, and that Sater and Trump would have meetings on a weekly basis. Sater confirms this in his deposition. Kriss also agrees with this, claiming Trump liked Sater’s loyalty and valued his international relationships. Considering his international relationships are largely in Russia, and Trump has been on record saying he is investing in Russia and it is a good place to invest in right now, it is likely Sater and Trump did have a personal relationship.…

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Making Smart Investment

When someone mentions investing of any kind, there is an underlying principle that follows across industries. This is the pure nature of the supply and demand and how those two relate/react to one another. First, if there high demand for something when the supply is falling behind, the prices will increase. Same is true for the vice-versa scenario. This is the idea that makes the stock, bond, option and real estate market run. People want to buy when something is cheap and then sell when it is expensive, retaining the difference as profit.


Mainstream Effect of Mutual Funds

For people who are just starting, mutual funds tend to be the go-to option. This is because there will be an expert making trades for them. Also, these funds come in form of multiple assets baskets that have been diversified according to predetermined factors like risk, return, size, etc. The downfall of what sounds like the perfect compromise is cost. People who take the mutual fund route can expect high fees from their broker, sales commissions, maintenance costs and much more that will eat away their profitability.

Another common solution many settle for are Annuities. These work on the basis of a large payment that will be repaid to the investor, with interest on the large-sum loan. An issue annuities have comes in form of back-door fees that companies must charge in order to get back most of that money paid out through interest. F1pro market Therefore, the best option would be to go with some short-term, beginner-proof assets like stocks.

The Plan for Investing

What might be the most crucial part of one’s career is the plan-creating stage. This is when one must answer all of the following questions:

  • How much risk will I accept?
  • How long am I willing to hold on to assets?
  • What is my required rate of return?
  • How often can I trade?

Although the list goes on, people who cannot even answer these simple questions may probably be in the wrong line of business. This is what is called the plan or strategy. Every successful businessman has had to make plans to adhere to and the lack thereof facilitates hindering factors to one’s profits.

Living in the United States brings another cost that must be considered at all times. The cost of taxes. People must always pay the federal income tax on their gains, while many places also require a state return. A tip for minimizing the tax cost is to have a good 401K plan as those are taxed as regular income, not ordinary annuities.

The next big rule everyone should know is that there will be many losses. No investor has ever made money as soon as they purchased their very first stock. People must go through a mandatory trial and error period in order to get familiar with how things work. Education will come from experience and people will not know what terms like equilibrium, surplus, shortage and more mean without ever being exposed to them.

Using practice software can help create this imaginary environment where hypothetical stock trading is possible. After doing all of the aforementioned and more, one will be able to potentially outgrow their financial advisor and become independent of any advice and critique. This is also when all of their profits will be fully in their possession without the need to share with a broker and their fees. Not to mention the thirll of trading stock intead of old-fashinoed mutual funds and annuities.…

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Item of Transcription Headsets

Qualities Of Good Transcription Headsets

Good transcription skills are a combination of a sharp ear, the right equipment, and the coordination to listen, think, and type at the same time. It can be especially challenging and nearly impossible if you don’t have the right transcription headset. Some headsets will set themselves apart from the very beginning by having all those qualities that transcriptionists need and love.

Noise cancelling

First things first. Being a good transcriber depends on being able to filter out the noise you DON’T need to hear just as much as it is hearing the words you do need to hear. When noise and other extraneous conversations get in the way of the task at hand, noise cancelling headphones can come to the rescue. This type of quality built into a headset gives you the power to block out the rest of the world and focus solely on your transcriptions.


Amplifying the voices on a recording can help with transcription tremendously. Certain headsets will be geared solely toward transcription recordings which need to have the words amplified, not the noise or any music that may be present in some transcriptions. This specially built in feature will help transcriptionists as they do their job.

Voice quality

There are certain characteristics of transcription sets that will hone in on the voice that’s important and not just amplify it but increase the quality of the pronunciations and words. While this is definitely a specialty feature of sets geared solely toward transcription, it’s an invaluable tool to have when you’re trying to make out words in a recording.

These three things are major components of what makes for a good set of transcription headphones. Many recordings have such poor voice quality and sound quality that they would be impossible to transcribe if it weren’t for these remarkable headsets. Thankfully they are available in abundance and they help to make life a lot easier when you’re trying to make out every single word of a two hour long recording. This can be difficult and tedious enough as it is without a set of good headsets to help make life bearable during a particularly hard transcription.

Learning how to pick out the right equipment is on eof the most important parts of becoming a transcriptionist. Start with the headset and everything else will fall into place.…

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Former Russia-Born Trump Associate Catches A Break

In late September 2017, a Manhattan court dismissed a $250 million civil tax fraud case against Felix Sater, who is a Russian-American businessman and former associate of President Donald Trump. Sater was working as a development manager and advisor at the Bayrock Group, an international real estate development company. Later in 2006, Sater became the senior advisor to Trump in the Trump SoHo project.

The Bayrock Group was founded by Tevfik Arif in 2001. This group once operated merely two floors beneath Trump’s office in Trump Towers.

This civil tax fraud case was filed against Sater and his real estate company and was prosecuted as a qui tam case. Qui tam cases are powerful for whistleblowers, and are brought under the False Claims Act. A whistleblower can file on the state’s behalf, and is rewarded in successful cases. With a qui tam case, it is up to the attorney general as to whether they choose to intervene, and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman chose not to do so.

The alleged whistleblower in this case is lawyer Fred Oberlander, who at one point happened to represent a former business partner of Sater in a money-laundering lawsuit against Bayrock. Oberlander confirmed filing his case based on information that federal judges had removed from the federal complaint previously as confidential. However, this did not go well for Oberlander, and the case was later confirmed to be dismissed.

Schneiderman’s office, however, did state that they would continue to monitor this case from now on. Sater’s lawyer, Robert Wolf, made the comment that Oberlander and another attorney involved had both been directed to the Department of Justice for criminal contempt. Wolf also stated that “merit” played a large role in the dismissal on the case, more so than typical procedures. Likely due to the reported misconduct of Oberlander and the other attorney involved.

In 2010 Bayrock’s former finance director, Jody Kriss, brought the initial lawsuit against Sater and the real estate company. Kriss indicted Sater and Tevfik Arif of money laundering, racketeering, and fraud, which in turn swindled him out of millions of dollars. Kriss also purported that the company was “substantially and covertly mob-owned and operated”. Continuing to claim they were involved in multiple crimes including but not limited to: bank fraud, embezzlement, extortion, tax evasion, and extortion.

According to Kriss, when Sater and Arif began working with President Trumpt they failed to inform Trump about any sort of criminal history from Sater’s past. Trump later declared that he would not have been affiliated with the real estate company if he had any knowledge of the crime related information. Furthermore, in a deposition Sater stated that he met with Trump on a regular basis, yet Trump claims that he would not know who Sater was if he saw him in person, even though Sater was at one point working in such close quarters to Trump.

In a 2007 deposition Trump professes, “It’s ridiculous that I wouldn’t be investing in Russia”, then goes on to say that Russia is “one of the hottest places in the world for investment.” From this statement, it appears that Trump highly regards his connections with Russia, and would not put himself in a situation that may disturb or complicate those ties.…

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